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MTV legend Matt Pinfield

MTV legend Matt Pinfield

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Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 12.02.39 PMThe worlds first ever standing wave bodysurfing competition.

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peaceBrother Ken sending peace and love from San Diego . Stay rad bro, thanks for the love!

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Brother Henry (Hank the godfather) Moved to the east coast a few years ago. Here’s proof that we don’t always bodysurf, but its all about havin the right vehicle for the most fun- and DAMN that looks fun. Palmboards salutes you Hank and the whole Linscott crew. Stay copy

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Tommy asked for a Palmboard for his birthday, but his mom got him He-Man. Don’t be like Tommy’s mom.

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Just caught this trailer on a website for some company called “Apple.” The energy and colors (“It’s so vibrant! What does it all mean?”) are exactly like jumping in with a Handy…except completely different.  Maybe it’s the french dude waxing philosophic or the girl in her underwear in the kitchen. Who knows? Transcendental. Is the whole movie looking at the back of the main character’s head?

Gaspar Noe’s last film is almost as amazing as our Facebook. Almost…

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Henry and Soon-To-Be-”Mrs” SB pack everything they own and move to Maine. Palmboards…in Maine? Yup.

Look out for updates from the road as they evangelize the nation on the ways of the Handy.

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Posted a few pics on Flickr of a batch of Palmboards nearing completion. After getting sanded down, the boards come out of the shop for a coat of seal and end with the addition of a neoprene-covered strap. In this picture, Henry is asleep standing up after inhaling enough varnish fumes to take out a small village. Last reports had him wandering around the train tracks “looking for his bicycle.” Good luck, big guy!

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An anonymous interview with the creator…

The Cardiff Kook was originally created in 2007 by Hemet, Calif. resident Matthew Antichevich. Since its erection, the bronzed, limp wristed edifice has been subversively celebrated with all kinds of creative costumes. From crucifixes to jack-o-lantern heads, we thought we’d seen it all that was until Sunday, July 25th, 2010… Despite numerous petitions to “Save the Shark,” the great white and grey paper mache masterpiece was removed by city officials 3 days after its creation. In the wake of this ephemeral masterpiece, we wanted to hear from creator first hand. Shortly after a post on Facebook, we were contacted by the artist. The following clip offers a little insight into the man behind shark and how he pulled off the prank of the summer.

For back story on “The Kook” here’s a link by Korduroy contributor Chad Richmond

Erik Derman & Reis Paluso

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Nope. It’s San Diego weatherman Loren Nancarrow sliding into a custom design w/ Palmboards stalwarts Hank and Eric.

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The website is still a working progress. Please click the links to the right for more photos, pricing and information.